NFL Helmet 2 Helmet: Wild Card Round

January Football is what decides championships in the NFL, let’s take a look at all four games in the wild card round.


It’s crazy how much things have changed during the home stretch for both the Carolina Panthers and the Arizona Cardinals. Arizona was the top team in the NFL through week 11, since then, they’ve lost 4 of their last 6 and have endure the loss of starting quarterback Carson Palmer which pushed them back all the way to the 5th seed. Carolina is in this discussion because they won the NFL South with only a 7-8-1, and even though the Panthers have won 4 straight, not a single one of their opponents during this streak was a playoff team. Arizona’s problem, is that there is too much uncertainty going into this week, and with Palmer out and the game being played in Charlotte, I think the Panthers will squeak out a win. PREDICTION – PANTHERS Continue reading




Needless to say, Sunday Night’s game at Lambeau Field in Green Bay was nothing short of an obliteration, not to mention the fact it’s the ONLY time in history that a team has give up 50 or more points in consecutive games.

So where do the Chicago Bears go from here? First and foremost, fire the entire coaching and management staff, every team in the NFL that’s bad at offense, at least has a decent defense or the other way around, but the Bears are just all around terrible, everyone must go! Buyout Cutler’s contract, yes, they are taking a heavy loss but NFL contracts aren’t like MLB or NBA contracts where teams have historically lost billions in salary buying players out,so he won’t get but maybe a 1/3 of his $100 million contract, in the end it will make sense rather than keeping him and his attitude, the quarterback’s momentum and leadership is vital to the success of a any football team, and he has none. And finally, put every starter on the trading block at the end of the season (except Forte), turn them all into draft picks, or least other players and start the fuck over. Just end the bleeding already. Continue reading