The 12 Tweets of Christmas

I like Twitter so much better than Facebook, after all, you can say what you really think to almost anyone in the world and remain anonymous. Here are 12 of the more noticeable tweets offered to others during the magical season of Christmas.

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Sony Cancels Release of “The Interview”

Sony Pictures has decided to shelf the theatrical release of their new film “The Interview” as news of cyber attacks made by the country of North Korea had included threats of further violence at the theater themselves.

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Has Google Earth Found a Sea Monster in New Zealand

It’s too big to be a shark, and much faster than a whale. So what is this mysterious object “Google Earth” found near New Zealand?

It may be some type of computer glitch, however, some people are convinced that this mysterious shadow that appears in the waters of Oke Bay, off the coast is a sea monster. Continue reading

NFL Helmet 2 Helmet: Week 16

Johnny Foolball

It’s been said that the first full day at a new job feels like the longest day. Well you certainly don’t have to remind Cleveland Browns new starting quarterback Johnny Manziel. And yes, I refuse to hear the excuses, at least Manziel “manned up” in the press conference and didn’t use the rookie excuse or any excuse for that matter and accepted the bulk of the blame for the blunder in Cleveland this past Sunday. Continue reading

What the Christmas Gift-Giver is Secretly Saying to You With Their Gift

Believe or not, Christmas is probably the best Holiday that you can use to find out exactly what people think about you, not that you necessarily give a shit, but sometimes it pays to know how other feel. Christmas gifts can either say a lot about you or they can say a lot about the gift-giver, in some cases, it may say a lot about both.

In the film “A Christmas Story,” Ralphie received a pink Bunny suit from his Aunt, in this case you can assume that his Aunt suffers from some type of deluded mental disorder that causes her to assume her sister’s children are girls, which they are not, or she uses meth.

So what are people in your life secretly saying to you when they buy you Christmas presents? Let’s find out.
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Exodus: Gods and Kings – The Pulse Cola Review

Exodus: Gods and Kings is a biblically inspired film directed by Ridley Scott and is an interpretation of the exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt as led by Moses and related in the Book of Exodus. The cast includes Christian Bale, Joel Edgerton, Aaron Paul, Siguorney Weaver and Ben Kingsley.

For me, what really stood out about this movie, is that it makes the tale of Moses much more practical and believable. “The 10 Commandments” came off as so far-fetched that you could have easily compared that film to “The Wizard of Oz.”  Continue reading