Re-reinventing Pulse Cola

Reinvention is something that I feel you should do as many times until you believe you have it right. I have spent the past several years blogging, and for the most part I have wrote about trending subjects that in truth, never really interested me, all in the hopes of acquiring more readers and popularity… more. Continue reading


The 12 Tweets of Christmas

I like Twitter so much better than Facebook, after all, you can say what you really think to almost anyone in the world and remain anonymous. Here are 12 of the more noticeable tweets offered to others during the magical season of Christmas.

“what did you get for christmas?” “fat” Continue reading

How To Not Get Your Ass Kicked by the Police

Due to an incident we won’t bother mentioning, talking shit about police on social networks has risen to an astounding 87%. It seems to me that apparently people would prefer anarchy as opposed to having general order in their community, you think the Ferguson riots were bad? Imagine if all of the unappreciated police quit tomorrow. If you still agree that we shouldn’t have police, relocate to Mexico where they have no sanctioned police force, I’m sure you’ll do fine. Continue reading

NFL Helmet 2 Helmet: Week 14

Rodgers Victorious in Possible SuperBowl Preview

Aaron Rodgers is far from besting Brett Favre as the greatest Packer quarterback ever, however, he did manage to do something Favre never did and that’s defeat Tom Brady. In what many felt is a possible preview to this year’s big game, Rodgers never let the hype of the surging Patriots get to him and even though the game was close, Rodgers threw for 368 yards and 2 TDs and never lost the lead. This snaps the Patriots seven game win streak and with the Cardinals falling apart and the Packers lackluster remaining schedule, this likely puts Green Bay in line for home field advantage. Continue reading

Is Bill Cosby a Rapist? Here’s Why I Think Not

Did America’s all-time favorite TV Dad commit rape? I don’t think so. I can’t answer this question 100%, but what I can ask, is why are all these allegations coming up at once, and why are all the allegations 30 years old, or more?

So what evidence do we have so far? One claim being driven to our minds by media is that each woman’s story was similar. The problem with that being a substantial point towards Cosby’s guilt is that each woman publicly told their story, so why would it be so hard for each woman after the first accuser to simply replicate what they heard in their testimony? Oh and apparently Cosby is avoiding questions regarding the allegations, so suddenly that makes him guilty too huh? Not at all, Cosby has been in the public eye for nearly 50 years and knows that anything he says can be twisted into something else, if I were him, and I was innocent, I wouldn’t say a damn thing. Continue reading


Nightcrawler is a suspense-drama written and directed by Dan Gilroy. The film stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Rene Russo. Nightcrawler tells the story of Louis Bloom (Gyllenhaal), a driven young man who stumbles upon the underground world of freelance crime journalism in Los Angeles. Gyllenhaal picks up the business and quickly makes a professional relationship with a local news director, Nina (Russo)who pays Louis and encourages him to continue his work. Continue reading