Viralonomy: Creating Your Own Luck

You can say that the subjects in the following video presentation are all the victims of bad luck, however, you must also reflect on the fact that these people put themselves in the position of bad luck in order to sustain it.


Have you ever gone cow tipping? Well I got news for you, the cows didn’t forget. Continue reading


Viralonomy: Customer Service

customer service
Customer service is such an important aspect to maintaining a successful business. Let’s take a look at some of the better examples of “good” customer service!

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Psycho Dad: A True American Hero

Once every so often, a true model American courageously stands up for what is right, and for what is honest. It is my pleasure to honor such an American, and that American is “Psycho Dad.”

Psycho Dad’s son Jesse is an under-motivated college graduate who would much rather play video games than look for a job and find his way in the world, luckily there is only one man who can stop this nonsense and bring sensibility and justice to this situation and that man is Psycho Dad. Let’s take a gander…. Continue reading

Video Vindication: The Thanksgiving Day Edition

So many traditions on Thanksgiving, from football to the same Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special to the early Black Friday sales, Thanksgiving is filled with many ongoing traditions. With that being said, we here at Pulse Cola would like to start a tradition of our own, our favorite Thanksgiving viral videos. Here are some of the more noteworthy short films worthy of initiating our new tradition……. Continue reading


There are voices that synonymous with singing, there are voices synonymous with narrating, but there are others who were born with the perfect voice tone for cussing, and no one in the history of mankind is better than Samuel L. Jackson.

You’re probably familiar with “Go the Fuck to Sleep,” the extremely successful yet questionably written children’s book, but I assure you, you haven’t heard it like this. The important thing we learn is that even though reading children a story at night had been a tradition for thousands of years, it doesn’t work, let Samuel L. explain why….. Continue reading


How much verbal abuse is one person allowed to dispose on another person before they go over the line? That question was answered this past Saturday on the F-Train in New York City.

Jorge Peña, a former pro baseball prospect was riding the train home from work Friday night when a pack of wild women started mocking his clothes and then one pulled off her stiletto boot and slapped Peña, the verbal and physical abuse was completely unprovoked according to witnesses on the train, as a matter of fact the women also attacked the camera guy. Continue reading


When people ask me what’s the best thing on TV I always say YouTube. The way it allows the user to navigate from one subject to the next is remarkable and the interface is fantastic, I personally own a Google Chromecast which is a USB you can connect to you television that allows you to navigate and watch YouTube from your smart phone and transfer it to your television, with that being said, here is this week’s Video Vindication, as always brought to you by YouTube……BTW, if you’re interested in learning more about Google Chromecast, click here.  Continue reading