Black and White Rules of Life

the rules

1. LIFE IS NOT FAIR – The idea I find most ironic about the statement “life is not fair,” is that when it is presented it is often looked upon as a bad thing, why? The simple reality is that the sooner you realize this in life the better. Leaning on the ideal that life is not fair more often than not produces excuses, and just for the record, excuses are: Continue reading


Re-reinventing Pulse Cola

Reinvention is something that I feel you should do as many times until you believe you have it right. I have spent the past several years blogging, and for the most part I have wrote about trending subjects that in truth, never really interested me, all in the hopes of acquiring more readers and popularity… more. Continue reading

Sony Cancels Release of “The Interview”

Sony Pictures has decided to shelf the theatrical release of their new film “The Interview” as news of cyber attacks made by the country of North Korea had included threats of further violence at the theater themselves.

Continue reading

The Legacy of Kobe Bryant

Later this evening, or at least within the next two games, Kobe Bryant will pass Michael Jordan for 3rd all-time in points scored in the NBA. What does this mean for Kobe, and what does this mean for his legacy?

Kobe Bryant said in his NBA draft interview that his goal was to be the greatest player ever. Whether you love him or hate him (and believe me, that line with NBA fans is about 50/50), he is without question one of the 10 greatest players ever. But is he better than Jordan? That’s a hard question, and I’ll address why he is, and why he is not (indecisive I am). Continue reading

Does Mark Wahlberg Deserve a Pardon for his Heinous Crimes?

Recently I found out that Hollywood Megastar Mark Wahlberg is asking the State of Massachusetts to grant him a “pardon” for a vicious hate crime he committed in 1988. Wahlberg committed two counts of attempted murder and sat a menial jail sentence. Shortly thereafter, his entertainment career went into full gear as rapper Marky Mark and then eventually accomplished actor Mark Wahlberg. Mark is asking for a full pardon not only that crime, but for his entire criminal record. Does Mark have the right to ask? Absolutely, every American can ask for an expungement, does he deserve one? No. Continue reading

The College Football Playoffs

Okay, I don’t mean to so critical of College Football, especially since they finally enacted some type of playoff format for College football which was is long overdue, but what are some of these committee members thinking? Continue reading

An Open Letter to the Rioters Crusading for Justice in Ferguson

Dear Rioters,

It is guaranteed certainty that you folks are upset about the decision that the Ferguson Grand Jury made to not indict police officer Darren Wilson. But rather than give my opinion on whether or not he should have been indicted, I would much rather address your actions.

You say that you are rioting to preserve justice for Michael Brown and his family, however, Michael Brown’s parents have made it abundantly clear that they didn’t want anyone to riot for this cause, so how in the hell are you giving them peace? Continue reading