Stuart Scott Passes Away at 49

I shouldn’t have to sell you on the fact that we here at Pulse Cola are the hugest of sports fans, and a lot of what we report comes from the information we get from ESPN. Today, it is with great sadness that we report that Stuart Scott has died at the age of 49.

Stuart Scott, longtime SportsCenter anchor and a pioneering force in the field of sportscasting, passed away Sunday morning after a long battle with cancer. He was 49. “ESPN and everyone in the sports world have lost a true friend and a uniquely inspirational figure in Stuart Scott,” ESPN president John Skipper said. “His energetic and unwavering devotion to his family and to his work while fighting the battle of his life left us in awe, and he leaves a void that can never be replaced.” Continue reading


NFL Helmet 2 Helmet: Wild Card Round

January Football is what decides championships in the NFL, let’s take a look at all four games in the wild card round.


It’s crazy how much things have changed during the home stretch for both the Carolina Panthers and the Arizona Cardinals. Arizona was the top team in the NFL through week 11, since then, they’ve lost 4 of their last 6 and have endure the loss of starting quarterback Carson Palmer which pushed them back all the way to the 5th seed. Carolina is in this discussion because they won the NFL South with only a 7-8-1, and even though the Panthers have won 4 straight, not a single one of their opponents during this streak was a playoff team. Arizona’s problem, is that there is too much uncertainty going into this week, and with Palmer out and the game being played in Charlotte, I think the Panthers will squeak out a win. PREDICTION – PANTHERS Continue reading

NFL Helmet 2 Helmet: Week 16

Johnny Foolball

It’s been said that the first full day at a new job feels like the longest day. Well you certainly don’t have to remind Cleveland Browns new starting quarterback Johnny Manziel. And yes, I refuse to hear the excuses, at least Manziel “manned up” in the press conference and didn’t use the rookie excuse or any excuse for that matter and accepted the bulk of the blame for the blunder in Cleveland this past Sunday. Continue reading

The Legacy of Kobe Bryant

Later this evening, or at least within the next two games, Kobe Bryant will pass Michael Jordan for 3rd all-time in points scored in the NBA. What does this mean for Kobe, and what does this mean for his legacy?

Kobe Bryant said in his NBA draft interview that his goal was to be the greatest player ever. Whether you love him or hate him (and believe me, that line with NBA fans is about 50/50), he is without question one of the 10 greatest players ever. But is he better than Jordan? That’s a hard question, and I’ll address why he is, and why he is not (indecisive I am). Continue reading

NFL Helmet 2 Helmet: Week 15

Johnny Manziel Named Starting Quarterback this Week Against Bengals


This past week, we we’re totally against the idea of Johnny Manziel starting, the only reason however, is because the Cleveland Browns were well on their way to earning a playoff spot, however, after this past week, it doesn’t seem like Cleveland is going to make the playoffs and current quarterback Brian Hoyer and the Browns have lost 3 of their last 4 games. Continue reading

The College Football Playoffs

Okay, I don’t mean to so critical of College Football, especially since they finally enacted some type of playoff format for College football which was is long overdue, but what are some of these committee members thinking? Continue reading

NFL Helmet 2 Helmet: Week 13


Kids, you are in for a treat this week the best team in the NFC will host the best team in the AFC, kinda reminds me of this other game we have called…THE SUPERBOWL! If there was a possible championship preview game it’s this week in Lambeau. However, it will be Rodger’s first meeting against Brady as the starting quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. Brady is 2 and 1 against Green Bay and both teams are hot as lava right now. Continue reading