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I’m not such a fan of Thanksgiving for some reason. As a matter of fact the only thing I look forward to is enjoying a day off work, watching football and eating food. I’m not exactly sure why we celebrate a holiday where Native Americans offered a welcome to the white man right before they slaughtered more of them then Hitler slaughtered Jews, kinda fucked up (well that rant sure escalated quickly). Anyway, here are some of the more questionable Thanksgiving day feasts and ideas about Thanksgiving….. Continue reading




This Tuesday is the big day and if you think your vote doesn’t count, just remember that the 2000 presidential election came down to one state and only a few thousand votes, if everyone who believed their vote didn’t count would have voted, the result would have been drastically different, in this case we aren’t voting for president, so the margin in the closer races for Governors, Senators, Congresspeople etc. are going to be razor small so get your ass out there and vote! In the mean time, here are the best memes and photos regarding voting. Continue reading