Viralonomy: Creating Your Own Luck

You can say that the subjects in the following video presentation are all the victims of bad luck, however, you must also reflect on the fact that these people put themselves in the position of bad luck in order to sustain it.


Have you ever gone cow tipping? Well I got news for you, the cows didn’t forget. Continue reading


A Pulse Cola Christmas

Break out the egg nog and put on your happy smile it’s Chrrrrrrrristmas!!!

The wait is over, the shopping is done and the prime rib is smelling delicious! Christmas is the most beloved of all holidays, and with Christmas comes some staggering statistics! Continue reading

What the Christmas Gift-Giver is Secretly Saying to You With Their Gift

Believe or not, Christmas is probably the best Holiday that you can use to find out exactly what people think about you, not that you necessarily give a shit, but sometimes it pays to know how other feel. Christmas gifts can either say a lot about you or they can say a lot about the gift-giver, in some cases, it may say a lot about both.

In the film “A Christmas Story,” Ralphie received a pink Bunny suit from his Aunt, in this case you can assume that his Aunt suffers from some type of deluded mental disorder that causes her to assume her sister’s children are girls, which they are not, or she uses meth.

So what are people in your life secretly saying to you when they buy you Christmas presents? Let’s find out.
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11 Things Kanye West Does When He’s Having a Bad Day

Kanye West is very successful rapper, but he also won the World Douchebag Championship for an 11th consecutive year. But just like everyone else, Kanye does have feelings, and these are 11 things Kanye does when he having a not-so good day.

1. If he just wants to clear his head for a while he’ll turn on Coldplay and circle around his house on his Vespa for a few hours. Continue reading