Black and White Rules of Life

the rules

1. LIFE IS NOT FAIR – The idea I find most ironic about the statement “life is not fair,” is that when it is presented it is often looked upon as a bad thing, why? The simple reality is that the sooner you realize this in life the better. Leaning on the ideal that life is not fair more often than not produces excuses, and just for the record, excuses are: Continue reading


7 New Phones Apps You Probably Don’t Know About

Thousands of new apps for any number of uses are created everyday, so it can be extremely easy to pass up on great phone apps that may make your life easier or more fun, here are 7 apps you may want to take a look at. Continue reading

Easy Life Solutions #1

What are Easy Life Solutions? Well you sure do ask a lot of questions damn it! Just kidding. To put it simply, they are solutions to make your life easier without having to think too much. This post will be the first in a series of continuous posts until your life is so easy you won’t even have to blink for yourself! Continue reading