Black and White Rules of Life

the rules

1. LIFE IS NOT FAIR – The idea I find most ironic about the statement “life is not fair,” is that when it is presented it is often looked upon as a bad thing, why? The simple reality is that the sooner you realize this in life the better. Leaning on the ideal that life is not fair more often than not produces excuses, and just for the record, excuses are:


We would like to believe that there is a solution to every problem, unfortunately, that’s not the case 100% of the time, but 999 times out of 1,000 there is at least a compromise of some sort. However, in order to find a solution or compromise, most times, you will have to put in effort, and you’ll probably say that that isn’t fair, and honestly you’re right, but then again….life isn’t fair.

2. YOU ARE NOT ALWAYS RIGHT, EVEN WHEN YOU ARE – Are you that person or do you know someone who is stubborn beyond comprehension? A notable obstacle for you or for that person you know who lives life like that, is that they are often setting limits for themselves and their overall thought process. The sad reality is that people who are stubborn beyond comprehension or always have to get in the last word, is that they are not as respected as they, or you may think….think about it, there’s nothing more annoying in the workplace or at home then someone who just doesn’t understand that being right isn’t always as important as being professional or cordial towards other human beings.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t stand up for what you believe and speak your mind, I’m just saying that it isn’t ALWAYS necessary to lay out your opinion. You should only make your case against an opposite minded person when it is absolutely necessary, in a heated situation, the person who handles things with the most amount of calm, is often the one others respect as opposed to the person with their eyes bugging out of their head looking like they’re going to kill somebody, but let’s face it, we’ve all been there at some point or another.

3. EMBRACE POSITIVITY TO THE FULLEST –  Author Rhonda Byrne has sold an estimated 19 million copies of her self-help book “The Secret,” in the book Byrne breaks down the laws of attraction to an absolute science, simply put, if you are positive, positive happenings, people and all great things are much more likely to find you if you produce a happy, motivated, and open minded personality towards others, it’s practically a scientific law of nature.

toilet seat

It’s so easy to produce a negative attitude, if you practice negativity in life, you won’t have to do anything outside of your “comfort zone,” in the end however, you’ll end up in a corner sitting alone, bored and likely broke….truly lame, remember you only live once, and there are millions of people who live desolate existences in terrible places around the world who would trade places with you in a second, the funny thing is, is that those people are often more positive and are the people who are the best at embracing solutions rather than excuses.

Follow these 3 simple rules, and good things will happen…I can’t guarantee infinite money and happiness, but I guarantee at the least, you life will get better and more fulfilling, I should know, I was once the “excuse making, negativity pushing, stubborn fellow.” -EE


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