American Sniper: The PC Review

American Sniper is based off the novel of the same name written by U.S. Navy Seal Chief Petty Officer Chris Kyle. It is directed by Clint Eastwood and stars Bradley Cooper (Kyle), Sienna Miller (Kyle’s wife) and Max Charles (Colton Kyle).

This film shines on the life of Chris Kyle, who was the most deadly U.S. sniper on record with more than 160 confirmed kills, Kyle stated in his book that it was closer to 250. From watching the film and doing research on the book, it seems that Kyle was somewhat torn between the so-called ethics of war and the morality of man. However, he hindered no regrets. This film follows Kyle in his early days as a Navy Seal recruit and single man to family man and war hero.

I don’t want to disperse too much about the film, so what I will say is that this film definitely shows the situation in the Middle East in a different light, and I believe everyone that sees this film will take away their own perspective of what it meant to be there.

Bradley Cooper’s portrayal of Chris Kyle is outstanding, he put on 40 pounds for the role, and should be have an strong argument for a nomination during Oscar season.

Overall, American Sniper is a great film, but before you see it, be aware that there are things that can’t be unseen in this film. -EE




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