This Tuesday is the big day and if you think your vote doesn’t count, just remember that the 2000 presidential election came down to one state and only a few thousand votes, if everyone who believed their vote didn’t count would have voted, the result would have been drastically different, in this case we aren’t voting for president, so the margin in the closer races for Governors, Senators, Congresspeople etc. are going to be razor small so get your ass out there and vote! In the mean time, here are the best memes and photos regarding voting.






meme6 meme7 meme8 meme9 meme10 meme11 meme12 meme13 meme14 meme15 meme16 meme17 'The trouble with politicians? One is a dummy, one is a jerk! By the time you figure out which is which the election is over and they've won!' meme19 meme20 meme21

Just fucking vote alright…-EE


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